Rules & regulations

As agreed at the council meeting last March, changes in rules and regulations for all domestic competitions in 2016 have been
incorporated and verified.

The latest versions can be downloaded from the Cricket Switzerland website.

Clubs are requested to review all changes and have them present at the matches as there are some important changes regarding the no balls & free hits and full pitches deliveries.


Other important changes concern:

  • Player registration numbers are no longer required on the match reports. Player names can now be verified online by following the CricHQ link on each club web page.
    In case of a dispute on a players identity, the umpire can verify the name on the website with  proof of identity (passport, driving licence or any legal document). If a player cannot provide valid proof of identity, this detail will be incorporated in the match report and he/she will be provided 7 days, failing which, the match will be considered as forfeit (all these details are included in the rules and regulations).
  • Rescheduling of rained off games is no longer permitted. Please refer to the rules for information on how a game can be called off in case of bad weather and who all needs to be informed.
  • Teams claiming a bonus point by fielding a Swiss-born national, woman or youth, should send the league chairman identity proof with their match report.

Wishing you all a very good and successful cricketing season.

Further information

Any questions regarding the new rules & regulations for all domestic competitions should be addressed to the league chairman, Mr. Asvin Lakkaraju.