Jung von Matt/Limmat AG Cricket Day

A panorama of the two Kwik Cricket fields at Klopstockweise in Zurich (18.8.2016)
A panorama of the two Kwik Cricket fields at Klopstockweise in Zurich (18.8.2016)

On Thursday 18th August coaches & players of Cricket Switzerland instructed 80 employees of the Swiss marketing agency Jung von Matt / Limmat AG in a four hour cricketing experience at Klopstockwiese in Zurich.

After a fine British lunch experience with the Swiss Pie Company, washed down with Brown Ale, Ginger Beer and Scrumpy, the 80 participants from JvM Group were split into six groups, each with an experienced cricket coach and cricket player, to teach & practice some basic cricket skills (catching, throwing & batting) before putting those skills into practice in a six-team Kwik Cricket competition.

Nothing was going to stop the group from playing cricket and having a terrific time, not the precipitous conditions, not even a tree collapsing onto the corner of one field. The participants were enthusiastic throughout the day and soon began to apply strategies & tactics typical to cricket to gain a winning advantage in their respective matches.
Many also displayed good hand-eye-ball coordination, with some great shots and terrific catches.

Cricket coaches at the Jvm Cricket Day (18.8.2016)
Cricket coaches at the Jvm Cricket Day (18.8.2016)

The coaches Osama (Power), Alex, John, Jiten, Tom, Prafull, Chris (Winterthur), Patrick, Nic (Zurich Crickets), Veena (Sapphires) all had an equally good time and were equally drenched by all the rainfall by the end of the day.


  Group 1   Group 2  
  Team Blue 102 v 105 Team Green   Team Pink 103 v 60 Team Yellow  
  Team White 77 v 78 Team Blue   Team Red 91 v 92 Team Pink  
  Team Green 112 v 89 Team White   Team Yellow 103 v 104 Team Red  
                                             Final matches                                        
                          1st/2nd: Team Pink 70 v 58 Team Green  
  3rd/4th: Team Blue 131 v 132 Team Red  
  5th/6th: Team Yellow DNP Team White  


                                                      Pos.                                Team                                                            
  1st Team Pink  
  2nd Team Green  
  3rd Team Red  
  4th Team Blue  
  5th Team White  
  5th Team Yellow  


A big thank you to the groundsman, Loris & his team from Jung von Matt / Limmat AG, Brive & David of the Swiss Pie Company, the cricket coaches from Cricket Switzerland, and all the participants for making this an unforgetable cricketing experience! 

Further information

If you would like to know more about this event please contact Alex Mackay.


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