European T20 Club Cricket Champions League 2016

Warsaw, 15-18 September 2016

Swiss clubs are invited to apply to compete in the 2016 European Twenty20 Club Championship Tournament in Warsaw, Poland, between Thursday 15th - Sunday 18th September 2016.

Last year's Pickwick Twenty20 Competition winners cannot make the competition, neither can the runners-up, so the invitation has been opened up to all clubs in Switzerland.

Participating teams

  1. Warsaw Cricket Club (PL)
  2. Warsaw Kings XI (PL)
  3. Yorkshire Nomads Cricket Club (UK)
  4. Rugby Dresden Cricket Club (DE)
  5. BCCR XI (RU)
  6. Open


Overall there will be 11 matches:

  • 6 teams divided in 2 groups
  • Each group plays every team once
  • Last team of both groups play for 5th/6th spot
  • 2 semi-final: A1 vs B2 ; B2 vs A1
  • Losers of both semis play for 3rd/4th spot
  • Winners of both semi-finals play in final to determine champions

Further information

More information on the European T20 Club Champions League is available from Tarun Daluja.