Treasurer's report 2014

2014 opened with a number of financial concerns regarding residual SCA (Berne) funds and potential claim that the 'other' association may have made pursuant to the then outstanding legal action; steps were indeed taken to minimise financial exposure, however, such were ultimately unnecessary as the dissolution of SCA (Berne) progressed smoothly and our organisation was re-born as Cricket Switzerland without lien, and with full entitlement to the assigned SCA (Berne) assets (cash CHF 928 plus stock holdings of CHF1'160).

As only to be expected, the 'other' association did persist with pressing some of its residual claims, however, the Executive was able to effectively deflect all issues with recourse to only minimal legal advice (costs covered by SCA (Berne)) – thus, a significant budget provision (CHF2'000) was 'saved', and ultimately diverted to a more beneficial activity, namely renewed pursuit of ICC and Swiss Olympic membership (document translation costs).

With regards to income generally, matters progressed essentially as budgeted; the addition of St. Gallen CC to our ranks provided buffer to help compensate for lesser income than anticipated consequential to both the withdrawal of RZCC and a reduced number of Pickwick Cup participants. Unfortunately, however, we also suffered a shortfall in sponsorship receivables.

Nevertheless, through 2014 Cricket Switzerland again benefited greatly from the most generous support of our sponsors, namely: Gastrag AG (aka Mr. Pickwick Pubs - Pickwick Cup), McGee's Irish Pub (league sponsorship), Fiederle AG (external auditor services), and a general contribution from Mr. Ryan Pickford and SauberTec – Pitchford.  Accordingly, on behalf of Cricket Switzerland I would sincerely extend a very big THANK YOU to all.

That said, please note the uncertainty of ongoing sponsorship (as indeed evidenced through last year) is always of concern and is a prime factor behind the need to plan adequate annual budget surplus to ensure next season's cricket, regardless of the level of anticipated external contributions…. 

So, to outgoings: though slightly 'muddled' by some budgeted costs necessarily being met by SCA (Berne) prior to the March 1st transition, our continued prudence brought dividend with a 'saving' of CHF 2'176 against budgeted cost (i.e. against a base of 2013 actuals plus 5%). Only a slight under-recovery vis-à-vis the National XI expenses and essential repairs to the League trophy pushed these latter 2 items beyond budgeted expenditure.

Accordingly, Cricket Switzerland was pleased to be in a position to be able to share a portion of this 'saving' with Mdm. Huong Huynh's PCAPH activities and donated CHF 300 in addition to the CHF 1'200 raffle and donation monies collected from friends of Cricket Switzerland and processed through the Cricket Switzerland accounts. 

All said and done, I'm pleased to confirm the fiscal diligence we've all adhered to during 2014 has seen an operating deficit of CHF -4'531 for 2013, turn into an operating surplus / cash balance of CHF 5'367 at the close of the 2014 season - please find enclosed herewith the 2014 balance sheet and 2014 budget comparison (with supporting notes) for your ease of reference and understanding.

Thus returned to a moderately sound footing, I have every confidence Cricket Switzerland is set for a great 2015 season, hopefully capped by a favourable decision form Swiss Olympic by year's end!

Clive W. Denney, Honorary Treasurer