St Gallen turn on the Power

St Gallen 184-3 (20 overs) defeated Power 144-9 (20 overs) by 40 runs

Sportpark Deutweg, Winterthur - Saturday 25th July 2015


On Sunday 26th July, Power played host to St Gallen in the Pickwick Twenty20 league.
Preparations for the game could not have been more extreme.
St Gallen turned up over an hour early for net practise and fielding drills. In complete contrast, the home team turned up seconds before the toss.
And so the day continued.

St Gallen won the toss and Nasir Mahmood elected to bat. The openers got to work, playing some great purposful shots and running singles to keep the scoreboard ticking along. Ali Abbas, played a brave innings.
A high pitched ball from 1st change bowler Afzaal, hit Ali firmly on the finger as he tried to hook it.
Despite the gloves his finger nail took the impact and changed colour. As if that wasn't bad enough, the ball bounced up under thehelmet grill and hit him on the chin, the seam breaking the skin.
After being patch up Ali bravely batted on, but not before the bowler received his first warning.
And tick along it did. It wasn't until the 14th over that Power managed to break the opening partnership, St Gallen 114-1.
Ali Abbas took a trip to the local County Hospital had his chin seen too professionally. Three stiches.
Meanwhile his team mates continued to add to the score. The second opener Naveesh lost his wicket the following over, but St Gallen's captain came to the crease and helped steer his team to 184-3 in their allotted 20 overs. Some slopy fielding probably cost Power an extra 20 runs.

No lunch, so after a quick 10 minute break, umpire Alex Mackay, got the second innings going.
Power, having been set an average run rate of over nine an over, soon found that rise to over 10 after the first over from Nasir resulted in no runs, his second just 3.
But it was Nirogan that was rewarded with the first wicket (22-1) as Power were forced to go aerial in search of the boundary.
Although Power were able to keep in touch with the total, they were always 20 runs short and in trying to close that gap, lost their first 5 wickets to catches. Not easy catches either. The St Gallen fielders were running great distances in order to take the catches (on two occasions from the wicket keeper), some from over their shoulder.
At 64-4 at the half-way stage the game was in the balance. Although at exactly 10 an over the odds did favour the visitors. But with Asad at the crease no total is safe.
However, when Asad was caught to great catch on the short square-leg boundary, the Power spectators were seen to leave the ground.
If there was any doubt, Waqar came on and claimed the first bowled of the day (92-6).
Power innings hund on in to play out their 20 overs (144-9) but finished 40 runs short to give St Gallen their second victory in the Pickwick Twenty20 league.

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These reports originally appeared on the Winterthur Cricket Club website.

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