League rule amendments

Action from the McGee's 40 over final at En Marche in 2014
Action from the McGee's 40 over final at En Marche in 2014

Cricket Switzerland's newly elected Competitions' Chairman has announced some new rules and the tightening of others ahead of the beginning of the 2015 domestic cricket season.
Speaking after the Annual General Meeting on Saturday 28th February, Asvin Lakkaraju explained the new system of point allocations that was adopted for the McGee's 40 over league from 2015, dispending with the old batting & bowling bonus system.
A winning team will now be awarded 10 points, 5 points will be awarded for a Tie/Abandoned match, and a maximum of 1 bonus points can be gained by firleding a Swiss born player, an U19 player or a Women player.


Other league rule amendments applicable to the 2015 season are:
- A club forfeiting a match is deemed to have lost the match and forfeits 10 points from its league table in the current season and an additional 5 point deduction will be carried forward to the following season.
- Both teams must complete the players names and registration numbers before the toss. Umpires will ensure this rule is strictly adhered. A new match report form will be adopted from 2015 season.
- A team not present 20 minutes before the game shall be deemed to have lost the toss. The match form must be completed before the start of game.
- Where a fielding side has no dedicated scorer, the team shall field with 10 player and the 11 player will perform the duties of a scorer. No point deductions is made.
- Net run rate (NRR) will be used to decide the position of the team in the points table where two teams have an equal number of points.
NRR calculations will be carried out according to the ICC guidelines.
- Clubs failing to provide an allocated umpire, will result in the automatic deduction of three league points for the current year in that competition.

Rules for the Pickwick Twenty20 Competition remain unchanged.

Asvin Lakkaraju has set Tuesday 31st March as the deadline for the en bloc player registration of players and set Monday 6 April as the deadline for clubs to submit their finalised fixture list.

Clubs are also reminded that registration for players changing clubs will be permitted until 31 March. New player registrations will be carried out throughout the season, but not permitted during the knockout stages.

Clubs are requested to avoid organising league or Pickwick Twenty20 matchs on 6/7 June, 4/5 July, 5/6 September as these dates are set aside for the National team activities.

Further information

Further information regarding any of the Cricket Switzerland domestic competitions and the respective rules can be addressed to Asvin Lakkaraju.