Introducing Veena Mampilly

Veena Mampilly, Cricket Switzerland Women's Development Officer
Veena Mampilly

On Saturday 18th October 2016, Veena Mampilly was co-opted onto the Cricket Switzerland to take up the reigns of Women's Development from the outgoing Neha Maheshwari.


Veena, a member and scorer of the Winterthur Cricket Club, cricket is not new game to her. Her participation as a scorer in the games of WCC inculcated her interest and a professional comprehension of the game.

Being a cricket enthusiast herself, she has played her share of cricket in the friendly matches organised at the Winterthur Cricket Club. 
Besides her excellent academic records, she has been a consistent participant in sport, particularly in cross-country and hurdles during her school and university days. The Service Excellence and Bravo awards that she received for her technical and consulting work at IBM, puts her as an apt candidate to carry forward the mission to enlighten the nuance and fun of cricket.

On a professional front, she is working as a SAP HANA Consultant at Infosys Consulting, Zürich.
Similar to the Tech field, cricket is often slated as a man's world. In her role as a development officer, she aims to drive cricket among the female community and is looking forward to some great innings for 2016.

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