Proposed ICC Governance change

ESPN Cricinfo

As reported on ESPN Cricinfo, the ICC are proposing to change rules that will provide them the ability to decide which among rival national bodies get official recognition of the ICC.


The ICC sent out a document to members early in the year and have been requested to respond by 22nd January, prior to a vote due to be taken in Dubai at the end of the month.


The report outlines the problem in hand with two rival associations in the United States, the USA Cricket Association & the American Cricket Federation. As the cricketing world in Switzerland will attest to, this situation is not exclusively a North American one.


As far as the Cricket Switzerland website is able to ascertain, there is no provision for more than one governing body in any country to co-exist and be recognised by the ICC, and local Olympic recognition will still be a requisite.


Needless to say, Cricket Switzerland is in regular contact with ICC Europe and will continue to inform ICC of the actual situation in Switzerland leading up to a decision.


Ken McKeown, Cricket Switzerland Honorary Secretary says "An update will be provided to members at or before the Annual General Meeting on Saturday 28th February".