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Cricket Switzerland

The Cricket Switzerland Honorary Secretary has announced that the executive has called an Extraordinary General Meeting to take place in Berne on Saturday 18th April.

The purpose of the meeting is to accept Geneva SL Cricket Club as an affiliate member & permit the club to participate in the Mr Pickwick Cricket Twenty20 competition this coming season.

Other matters to be covered on the agenda is to adopt an amended German version of the constitution and appoint a second auditor, the latter point outstanding from the Annual General Meeting that took place in February. 

Ken McKeown writes, "In accordance with Article 8 of the Cricket Switzerland Constitution, and at the request of the Executive Committee, I am summoning an Extraordinary General Meeting of Cricket Switzerland on Saturday 18 April 2015, commencing at 1.30pm at the Restaurant Egghoelzli, Berne".

Ken McKeown also communicated the agenda for the meeting as follows:

Agenda for the EGM

Rest. Egghölzli, Weltpoststrasse 16, 3015 Bern

Saturday 18th April 2015 at 1.30pm

  1. Application for Affiliate Membership, by Geneva Sri Lankans CC
  2. Approval exceptionally for Geneva Sri Lankans CC to participate in Cricket Switzerland competitions in 2015 (Mr   Pickwick T20 Cup)
  3. Approval of amended German language version of the Constitution
  4. Appointment of a second Auditor (Internal)

Documentation for the meeting is expected to follow shortly, but in addition to the above the Treasurer, Clive Denney, has informed us that this opportunity will be taken to distribute cricket balls for both domestic competitions and club captains & fixture secretaries could finalise competitive & friendly matchs for the coming season.

Further information

For morer information regarding the EGM, please contact Ken McKeown.