Cricket Equipment Donation Appeal

Cricket Switzerland is coordinating an effort to collect cricket equipment for refugees
in Europe.

As you have no doubt learned through the media, there has been a large influx of people to Europe claiming refugee status.
Most arrived have arrived with very little an any means of entertainment is in short supply.
Many of those now in Europe know how to play cricket but have nothing to play cricket with.
Which is where you come in. Anyone that has any cricket equipment that is surplus to their requirements can send it to Cricket Switzerland at the following address:

Cricket Switzerland
Cricket Equipment Donation Appeal
c/o Mr. Alexander Mackay
Wingertlistrasse 22
8405 Winterthur

We shall organise the first step in getting it to those less fortunate than ourselves, either here in Switzerland or in neighbouring countries.
The equipment can include almost anything for any age group, but cricket bats in particular are in short supply.

Your generosity is appreciated.