Coloured kit permitted from 2016

Nomads CC in coloured kit at the Pickwick Final
Nomads CC in coloured kit at the Pickwick Final

As of 2016, coloured cricket clothing will be permitted in both the Cricket Switzerland Premier League 40-over and the Mr Pickwick Twenty20 cricket cup competitions.
Cricket Switzerland announced the decision to permit coloured clothing in both compeitions as of 2016 at the Council Meeting on Saturday 17th October 2015, following a trial that permitted the wearing of colour kit in the Pickwick Twenty20 competition last season.

The decision to move to coloured kit, however, is not  mandatory, meaning that clubs that decide to play in whites can continue to do so without any change.
Participating clubs that adopt coloured clothing, indeed for those that choose to retain, whites or creams, the following restrictions apply:
1) All members of the club should be wearing same coloured kit during a game. Failure to do so will incur penalties applied according to the competitions regulations.
2) Since we are using pink cricket balls in both competitions, pink kits are not permitted.

Any questions regarding this or any other matter regarding Cricket Switzerland domestic competitions, should be directed to the league chairman. Mr. Asvin Lakkaraju.