Basel Dragons U15 Indoor Tournament

7-8 February 2015

Basel Crickets were crowned winners of the Basel U15s Indoor Tournament (7th & 8th February 2015) by virtue of the fact they had won the head to head game with Basel Dragons.

Three teams with 3 wins and one loss. If Gingins had taken one more wicket in the final game it would have been 3 way tie!

Tight games, close finishes, great fun!

Teams: Basel Dragons, Basel Crickets, La Chat, Gingins, Swiss U13

League format, 10 points for a win, 5 for a draw, 0 for a loss

Batting Bonus points – 100 runs = 1, 125 runs = 2, 150 runs = 3

Bowling Bonus points – 2 wickets = 1, 4 wickets = 2, 7 wickets = 3

Match 1 - Basel Crickets 127 for 5 beat Basel Dragons 126 for 6 by 2 wickets

The first match sprang a major shock when the crickets, comprising 3 Zurich Crickets and 5 Basel Dragons players, beat the main Dragons team. Perhaps it was the early start but the Dragons were not breathing fire. A poor batting display left them 20 runs short of a decent total. Only Ben with 23 showed any application. Pick of the Crickets bowlers was Anshak with 2 for 21 off his 4 overs and Ollie with a very economical 17  coming from his 4 overs. The Dragons looked to be on top as the Crickets lost regular wickets but a plethora of wides and a quick fire 23 not out from Ollie saw the Crickets home with 3 balls to spare. Mustafa A was the leading bowler with 3 for 14 from his 4 overs.

Crickets 14 points, Dragons 4 points

Match 2 – Basel Dragons 138 for 3 beat Swiss U13 134 for 3 by 4 wickets

The Swiss U13 team made their debut in match 2 and batted very sensibly against their older opponents. Both Ismail and Luke retired on 35 to post a very respectable score. Will with 1 for 7 from 2 overs and Cameron with only 11 runs taken from his 3 overs stood out in the bowling. A much improved batting performance from the Dragons meant that the total was always ahead of the rate required. Callum with 28, Mushti H with 30 and Mustafa A with 30 not out saw the Dragons home in the 18th over. Ismail was the outstanding bowler with 1 for 12 from 3 overs.

Dragons 13 points, Swiss U13 3 points

Match 3 – Gingins 125 for 5 beat Basel Crickets 122 for 7 by 3 runs

Gingins looked a’ little ring rusty’ in their first game, batting cautiously to post a very ‘gettable’ total. Rohan retired on 35 and Nish made 30. Ollie again bowled tightly, only conceding 14 runs from his 4 overs and took 3 catches in the innings. The Crickets then collapsed to 32 for 4 before opener Thomas and Ollie steadied the ship. Thomas finished on 47 not out having retired and come back in and if Ollie had hung around for another over, the result could have been different, In the end, Ollie was out for 23 and the Crickets ended an agonising 4 runs short of victory. Rohan was outstanding with the ball with 2 for 10 of his 4 overs and Luca took 3 for 27 from his 4 overs.

Gingins 15 points, Crickets 3 points

Match 4 – Swiss U13 170 for 6 beat La Chat 97 for 7 by 73 runs

The Swiss U13’s again batted very well and posted a formidable score. Archer and Ed both retired on 35 and Ismail chipped in with 23 at the end of the innings. Ian was the pick of the bowlers with only 22 runs coming from his 4 overs. La Chat started well in response with openers Matty (27) and Nachiket (18) laying solid platform followed by Tom with 19. However, after this wickets fell regularly to leave the school 97 all out. Ismail,2 for 10, Ed 2 for 15 and Kian 2 for 29 stood out in the bowling.

Swiss U13 16 points, La Chat 2 points

Match 5 – Gingins 76 for 6 beat La Chat 75 all out by one wicket

After La Chat had collapsed to 75 all out with Rohan taking 2 for 3 and with only Matty and Freddie making it to double figures, it looked like the match was all over. However, La Chat came our fired up for the second innings. At 33 for 5, Gingins were in big trouble until Thomas and Rohan steadied the ship. However, when Thomas was brilliantly caught  by Nachiket with 8 runs still needed, the pressure was back on. However, Mattea and Rohan stayed calm to guide Gingins to victory. Freddie took 2 for 18 and Ian was again very economical with only 12 being taken from his 4 overs.

Gingins 13 points, La Chat 2 points

Match 6 – Gingins 169 for 6 beat Swiss U13’s 124 for 7 by 45 runs

With the score on 61 for 1 after 11 overs, the Swiss U13’s were dreaming of a famous victory. However, Gingins plundered 108 off the next 9 overs showing the value of having wickets in hand. John and Luca changed the whole impetus of the innings, running for everything and hitting hard. Luca retired with 38 from only 19 balls, John making 20. Rohan, having retired came back in at the end to finish on 38 not out. Ismail was again the pick of the bowlers with 1 for 18 from his 4 overs. All the Swiss U13 batsman struggled against a very disciplined Gingins bowling attack and never looked like getting close to the target. Luke top scored with 25. George took 2 for 21, Nish 2 for 23 and Thomas 2 for 26.

Gingins 16 points, Swiss U13’s 3 points

Match 7 – Basel Dragons 155 for 7 beat La Chat 149 for 7 by 6 runs

The Dragons again batted very inconsistently and could easily have been in deep trouble. 30 runs came from the last 2 overs and without this, the game would have been lost. Opener Callum retired and came back in to finish on 45 not out ably supported be Dan who finished on 26 not out. Ian finished with 3 for 26 from his 4 overs. La Chat batted sensibly through Matty and Tom and then Ian came in to pick up the pace. With 50 needed from the last 5 overs, the game was in the balance and the Dragons were very lucky that Ian had to retire when he did. Without this, La Chat would have won. Ian came back in a hit the last ball for 6 to finish on 41 not out. Ben took 3 for 30 from his 4 overs for the Dragons

Dragons 16 points, La Chat 5 points

Match 8 – Basel Crickets 72 for 2 beat La Chat 69 all out by 5 wickets

After the excitement of the previous game, La Chat came back down to earth with a  bump! Only Matty with 24 made any impression with bat as La Chat were bowled out in 13 overs. Pranav took 2 for 12 and Tanmay 1 for 8 from 3 overs. Chris saw the Crickets home with a solid 35 and the total was reached in the 11th over.

Crickets 13 points, La Chat 1 point

Match 9 – Basel Crickets 195 for 2 beat Swiss U13’s 194 for 7 by 5 wickets

What a remarkable game of cricket! The Swiss U13 batsman demolished the Crickets attack, all the bowlers suffering equally. Ismail retired and then came back in the finish with 60 and Ed finished 36 not out. At half time, nobody gave the Crickets a chance but how wrong they were. Openers Thomas and Pranav set out in the most positive of manners, running hard and hitting the gaps. The running total never fell behind the required rate as both openers retired on 35. Chris and Tanmay then simply carried on the good work as the Swiss U13 bowling and fielding fell apart under the pressure. Chris retired on 35 and it was left to Ollie and Henry to see the team home with an over to spare. What a run chase!

Crickets 16 points, Swiss U13’s 4 points

Match 10 – Basel Dragons 88 for 3 beat Gingins 87 all out by 5 wickets

As so often when these 2 sides meet, the side batting first fails to post a significant total. Gingins elected to bat but faced a Dragons bowling attack that was really firing for the first time in the tournament. Only John made it to double figures and finished 35 not out as wickets tumbled around him. Cameron bowled beautifully to finish with 3 for 15 from 4 overs and Callum had 2 for 9 from 3 overs. The Dragons then batted sensibly to ensure a straight forward victory. Mushti H finished on 33 not out and Will made 27. George was the pick of the bowlers with 2 for 25 and Rohan finished with 1 for 20 from his 4 overs.

Dragons 13 points, Gingins 1 point

Final Standings

Pos. Club                                                     Win  Batting Bowling      Total
1 Basel Crickets U15s 30  10  46 
2 Basel Dragons U15s 30  46 
3 Gingins U15s 30  10  45 
4 Swiss U13s 10  26 
5 La Chat U15s 8

Individual Awards

Name Club
Best Bowler
Gingins (15 overs, 52 runs, 6 wickets)
Best Batsman  Ismail Swiss U13 (128 runs)
Best all rounder or all round contribution
Ollie Basel Crickets

Well done to the Crickets, a team that had never played together previously consisting of Ollie, Surya and Chris from Zurich Crickets together with Thomas, Pranav, Henry, Anshak and Tanmay from Basel Dragons.

For more information on the 2015 Basel U15s Indoor Tournament contact Chris Clayton