AGM Report

The 2015 Annual General Meeting took place at the Restaurant Egghölzli in Berne on Saturday 28th February 2015.

Chaired by the President Mr. Alexander Mackay, the meeting began with each officer from the executive offering a report on their activities to the meeting, the following of which are available electronically:

The Treasurer's Report & the Auditor's Report were unanimously accepted by the meeting and a special note of thanks was awarded to Clive Denney for all his hard work throughout the year and preparing a very comprehensive report.

In the junior sphere, an abundance of international appearances was noted, including the first win at any level over the Netherands in the U15 division.

Having reviewed the 2014 season and everything found to be in order the 2014 executive was relieved of it's obligations and the meeting was adjourned for 10 minutes before proceeding to elect the 2015 executive.

New Executive Committee

Alexander Mackay was unanimously re-elected President of Cricket Switzerland.
Alongside the President, Abraham Koshy was unanimously elected Vice-President, replacing the out-going David Milne.
Other officers of the executive who were re-elected are Clive Denney (Treasurer), Ken McKeown (Secretary), Chris Lodge (International Match Manager), Rajan Thambehalli (Publicity & Sponsorship), Yeti Sinh (Youth Development) and Neha Maheshwari (Women's Development).
And to complete the Executive, Asvin Lakkaraju was welcomed back as Competitions Chairman.


Haiving joined as an affiliate one year earlier, St Gallen was welcomed as an Associate member at the AGM, Cricket Switzerland membership now twenty-one.

Constitutional amendments

Several grammatical errors were detected along with a few minor inconsistencies. Substantive changes were the inclusion of the possibility to adopt official translations of the original English text into national Swiss languages, and the inclusion in an Appendix of the role of the Women’s Cricket Development Officer.
The amendments to the Cricket Switzerland constitution were adopted unanimously.

Looking ahead

In 2015 Cricket Switzerland will continue to work towards gaining Swiss Olympic recognition for the purpose of having cricket in Switzerland recognised as a national sport and also in pursuit of regaining ICC affiliate membership.

However, international fixtures at all age levels and the formation of a national Women's XI remain a focus of Cricket Switzerland. This was reflected in the decision to add a bonus point to league matches for fielding a female player, alongside the current youth or 'born-Swiss' player.

Further information

Further information on the Cricket Switzerland Annual General Meeting is available from the Honorary Secretary.