CCAS Coaching Workshops

On Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th October 2014, the Cricket Coaches Association of Switzerland (CCAS) ran two identical Cricket Coaching Workshops, on Saturday at the Kantonschule Hottingen in Zurich & on Sunday at the La Châtaigneraie School Sports Hall.

Thirty participants learned coaching skills from Hampshire coaches John Cook and Chris Wheeler. 

Workshop at Hottingen, Zurich

On Saturday 25th October eleven coaches from Zurich and Basel were able to attend the first Coaches Workshop run by Hampshire County CC‘s John Cook & Chris Wheeler at Hottingen gyms. The workshop was specifically designed to help Swiss coaches improve the skills of their players, and aimed to provide a course tailored to our needs as coaches and to help us improve the standard of Swiss cricket players. 

The workshop proved to be all that it promised to be, as the comments below from a number of the participants testify:

I really enjoyed yesterday's workshop as it was a breath of fresh air to me to hear from John & Chris that the ECB were trying to simplify their coaching approach. This new approach was delivered throughout the day with the clear message that the objective of the various sessions was for our players to 'keep their heads still' during each of the batting, bowling & fielding drills we carried out. In addition, they emphasized the need for us to make each of the drills interesting & entertaining so that our players could obtain the maximum benefit from each of the exercises we carry out with the various age groups".

"I am really looking forward to the next workshop so that we can further develop the skills we were shown. I would like to take the opportunity to thank John & Chris for running a very interesting & entertaining course.”

“For me, a highlight of the day was simply doing it as joint clubs. It was really good to have the chance to hear of each other’s issues and to be able to discuss doing things together. This does not require a coaching training session, but the other times we meet (games) just don't allow that opportunity.

I also liked the re-emphasis of player focused coaching. In our squad of U15s I do know what each player needs. I am inspired to make sure they get it."

"The drills in the morning session and the focus on outcomes ("Lessen plan") was very good. It helped me rethink the way we approach coaching kids."

"Putting us coaches in the position of the players we coach helps realise the physical and mental demands we place on those we coach, and enables us to make our sessions more appropriate for the levels we are aiming at. The discussions among the ZCCC and BDCC coaches about players and future plans were most productive, as was the whole day."

"I found the workshop really helpful and have come away with a lot of ideas and an aspiration to have a coaching "toolbox" about a tenth of what John and Chris have at their fingertips.  

My key take-aways were the reminder to make the coaching sessions fast and fun and to try to use some outcome based sessions.  The idea of coaching on the "what" and letting the kids work out the "how" just makes things simpler and I am looking forward to trying it.  Obviously we will need to come back with the technical elements to help them but there are no pictures in scorebooks - scoring runs is more important than looking elegant at the crease."

"I thought the workshop was very helpful to teach kids cricket in an interesting way. I guess everyone will benefit from the large amount of various game-drill-combinations we were taught. Inventing drills and improving drills that already exist, as well as adapting them for children with previous experience is a very good and helpful way to guarantee a quick and long-lasting development for a young cricketer. Plus, it’s combined with a lot of fun. It was a really interesting and instructive day. Thanks a lot again to the tutors.

It was great to participate in the coaching workshop. The enthusiasm shown by everybody and the lessons learnt was the highlight."

"Many thanks for providing us with a wonderful opportunity to experience a new approach to coaching.” 

We now look forward to putting into practice what we have learnt. This workshop was the first in a series of similar such events."


The next Coaches Workshop is planned to take place, both in the West and East of Switzerland, in early 2015.

Workshop at La Châtaigneraie School Sports Hall

On Sunday 26th October the same workshop was repeated at the La Châtaigneraie School Sports Hall in Geneva.