CCAS Level I Coaches Course

Gingins Cricket Club will host a CCAS Level I Coaches course from Friday 3rd October (early evening) until Sunday 5th October (afternoon).


The course will take place at the 1,874 m² dual sports hall in Borex-Crassier (Rue de la Tour 55, 1263 Cassier) and will cost ca. CHF 200 per person.

Anyone interested in taking this course should contact Jas Saini.

Skilled & qualified cricket coaches are vital in order to develop the cricketing skills of our young players, adding to their enjoyment in learning to play better. Therefore Gingins Cricket Club have volunteered to organise and host a course for cricket coaches or anyone interested in becoming a coach.

The course is based on the Level 1 ECB (English Cricket Board) course , i.e. the first level. It is designed to teach the skills of coaching cricket to children to make it both productive and enjoyable. It is suitable for all parents and possibly for the senior children (young adults).

The plan is to have Richard Skyrme, a very experienced ECB coach to come over from England to give the course. The course will be held from a Friday 3rd October and go on to late Sunday 5th October.

The fee will depend on the number of participants.


We strongly encourage all current coaches who have not already done the course to take advantage of this opportunity and any parents or senior children who have an interest in coaching or just helping out at the coaching sessions to also take the course.

At the end of the weekend course you will have a recognised qualification as an official CCAS cricket coach, the prerequisite to taking further coaching workshops later in the month.


Jas Saini of Gingins Cricket Club says, "It goes without saying that children's cricket development hinges on us having and refreshing a continous group of volunteer coaches, so if you have ever considered helping out at the coaching sessions this is also for you".

Further information

For further information on the CCAS Level I course being run in Gingins contact Mr. Jas Saini.