Gingins U17 Indoor Tournament Report

Geneva, 6th & 7th December 2014

At almost 50m in length, the venue for this year's national U17 tournament, the CFPT sports hall in Geneva, allowed for interesting games between the four contenders, Cossonay, Gingins, GRYCC and Wanderers. 

In the first game, GRYCC opened the batting against Cossonay. Solid innings from Ashwin V. (39) and newcomer Yash (37), with the help of Mr Xtra added up to a total of 127. Arnav was the most successful bowler (3), helped by Freddie with 2 catches at deep gully.

Cossonay fought until the end, but did not manage toreach the total set by GRYCC, ending their innings at 107, with Arnav (22) and Ryan (25) as topscorers. Yash and Mohammed each had 2 wickets.

Wanderers, with players from Basel, Zurich and a strong contingent from Gingins U15s/U17s, started disastrously against Cossonay, all out for 32. The bowling of Jai (4) and Freddie (3) was too strong for the visitors. Their bowling and fielding, however, turned out to be much better, be it against a reversed batting order, but it was not enough to hold Cossonay at bay. The total was surpassed for 5 wickets with Mr Xtra scoring over half the runs.

In the last match of the day, Gingins had a difficult start against GRYCC, but Floris stayed calm and cleverly used the walls to build up the score. With help from Aidan (22, caught off the wall of what was almost a 6) and Will (14 n.o.), he reached the retiring score of 50 (the only one of the tournament), and with some quick runs from Max and Will, the Gingins total became 124.

The fielding and bowling of Gingins was too sharp for the GRYCC batsmen, with only Marishque (23) and Ashwin C. (12) coming in the double figures (and Mr Xtra topscorer). Good throws of Hamish, Ale and Simon caused as many run outs and the remaining four wickets were divided by four bowlers, ending the GRYCC innings at 86.

The next morning, Wanderers again did not manage to bring many runs in the books, with John (21) the only one with double figures. Again three run outs and five wickets divided by four players limited their total to 71. The opening batsmen Hamish (a hard hit 15) and Kieran (13, most of the walls) achieved the highest Gingins total for the 1st wicket with 32 runs, and with Will adding another well placed 14, the total was made for the loss of 4 wickets (of which 3 run outs and 1 wicket for Thomas).

In their last match, tight bowling of the Wanderers, with Tom, Ruan and Luca each getting two wickets, limited GRYCC to 82 runs, with hard hitting Yash topscorer with 29 n.o. For quite a while, it looked like Wanderers were going to make this total, but opening bat Ruan, first assisted by Thomas A (11) and later Luca (10), unluckily went run out for a good 34 on 74, followed by Yash bowling Luca with 78 runs on the scoreboard, a tight win for GRYCC. Economic bowling of GRYCC (the lowest number of extras in the tournament), with 2 wickets for both Ashwins and 1 each for Yash and Mohamed, and two catches of Ale as stand-in wicketkeeper, contributed to that.

In the final match, Cossonay had a tight grip on the Gingins top order, with only Aidan (26) scoring runs, but middle order batsmen Max (19) and Will (27 n.o.), ably helped by Mr Xtra, steered their team to a total of 124. 

While also the top Cossonay batsmen did not contribute many runs, this time it was Vincent’s turn to put his name in the books. With the only (2) sixes of the tournament, assisted by Freddie (12), his 35 (and Mr Xtra as topscorer) brought Cossonay quite close to the Gingins total, but in the end they ran out of batsmen on 107.

As in the previous year, Gingins showed to have the most consistent team, winning all their games and thus winning the tournament, with Will chosen best batsman and Simon best fielder. Runner up was GRYCC, with newcomer Yash scoring the most runs of the tournament (73) and several bowlers taking 4 wickets each.  

  1 Gingins Cricket Club


3 Cossonay Cricket Club

4 Wanderers XI

They were closely followed by Cossonay, which had the best bowler in Jai (7 wickets). Although Wanderers did not win any match, they showed a very positive attitude with some remarkable achievement by some young players (e.g. U14 Luca), tight bowling by newcomer Tristan, and exemplary behavior of Ruan, walking twice away although not given out, which earned him the Spirit of Cricket award.