Gingins U11 Autumn Tournament Report

report by Arnold BucheliTournament Director (4th November 2014)

On the weekend of 1st & 2nd November 2014 the 2014 Gingins U11 Autumn Tournament was held at the ESEP school in Borex/Crassier.  


More than forty U11s took part in this year’s tournament. Four teams competed for the honour of lifting the trophy, playing in a round-robin format where each team played each other twice in 15-overs-a-side matches.  


The matches were all played in a great spirit and the competition was at a very high standard.  

  Pos Team  
  1  Basel  
  2 Gingins  
  3 GRYCC  
  4 Wanderers  

Some tournaments statistics:

Total number of matches played:


Total number of overs bowled:


Total number of runs scored:


-          Of which, off the bat:


-          Of which, extras (wides, no-balls, byes and leg-byes):


Total number of catches:


Total number of run-outs:


This means:

  • There were on average 180+ runs per match.
  • That there were almost 7 runs scored per over played, with about 5 of these coming off the bat (and some courageous running between wickets).  
  • There was just a little more than one extra bowled per over. Excellent overall.
  • There were on average 5 catches or run-outs per match, this does not include the bowled or LBW decisions.  So the fielding was great.

However, the stats above only tell part of the story.  


Each player will have his/her own tales of triumph and perhaps anguish, which might not be captured.  Over the weekend some players recorded their first ever catch, run, wicket, run-out, etc., and for these youngsters, these are excellent achievements.   Some of the notable individual match achievements were:

  • Two batsmen scored 50+ runs in an innings (even after initially retiring on 20 runs)
  • One bowler took a five wicket haul (in three overs bowled)

Four individual players won awards for their efforts on the weekend, these were:

Thomas Harper (Basel Dragons):

Best Batsman

Ethan Wright (Basel Dragons):

Best Bowler

Finian Nicol (GRYCC):

Best Fielder

Arjun Gill (Gingins CC):

Most Valuable Player – all-round effort

Well done to the lads for winning the individual awards and to the Basel Dragons for taking the team honours. As developers of youth cricket, we want to observe more participation and to watch the joy and excitement as these new experiences unfold.  We hope to see all of the U11s again at the 2015 Gingins Autumn Tournament. 

Finally, a word of thanks and gratitude to the Gingins parents, who have ensured that plenty of food and drink were freely available for all the people coming to the tournament.  

This report is all about the kids, but the tournament would not happen if it were not for the dedicated parents and coaches who spend their time ensuring that the kids have an opportunity to play and to develop as players.