Gingins Gala Dinner

Thursday 25th September, 2014

Gingins are to host a gala dinner event on Thursday 25th September in aid of the Gingins Cricket Club and the Chance to Dream Charity with special guest Nasser Hussain.


The evening will be at the Crowne Plaza and we are pleased to announce that Nasser Hussain has agreed to come over from England for the event. Nasser was the England Captain from 1999 to 2003 - "perhaps the finest captain to hold the office", the Times.

Save the date - Gingins Gala Dinner

More information on how to reserve your places will follow later, but for the moment please save the date. Places will be limited but of course we will give priority to Gingins club members.

Nasser Hussain

During his tenure he transformed the fortunes of the English Cricket team. He recalls his most memorable innings came in the Ashes of 1997 at Birmingham where Nasser gave a master class in playing the cover drive - a shot that would become his trademark - as he belted the Aussies all over the park (apologies to the Southern Hemishphere members of the club). After that knock, Hussain had arrived in International cricket.
What many people don't know is that early on in his career he was a promising leg spinner who was not allowed to give up on cricket by his father when he lost the knack of leg spinning - "I simply decided to become a batsman instead". Born in India, his Dad, Jawad(Joe) a first class cricketer himself continually pushed him to achieve the cricket goals that he thought were beyond his meagre abilities. Some have said he pushed him too hard to fulfill his own unfulfilled dreams and many was the time when he was in tears. This also made him the tough captain he became, on the pitch he was a volatile character who managed to inspire and motivate those around him "My captaincy style was very different, but I make no apologies for being fiery".
Nasser is thoughtful, emotional and entirely his own man. Forthright in his views, there are no halfway houses with Nasser, he tells you what he thinks without mincing his words - we will be in for a very interesting evening in his company.