Swiss comedian introduces cricket

Picture from the Couleur3 Twitter feed
Picture from the Couleur3 Twitter feed

Rajiv Patel, a well known character on the Couleur 3 radio show "120 Secondes", introduces cricket, the second most popular sport in the world to the radio show's listeners and pokes fun at the simplicity of football, all while wearing a Cossonay Cricket Club cap and shirt.


Cossonay's Philippe Gimmel says, "Rajiv Patel is a recurring character on the '120 Secondes' radio show. He appears as guest of the show as an 'Indian economist' sent by the 'Indian embassy in Bern' and explains various matters at hand to the listeners.
Last Thursday was the very last appearance of Rajiv in 120 secondes (the show ended on Friday), and with the football world cup currently dominating the news, he chose to educate the public about cricket. We're happy to have helped him out with the appropriate clothing and accessories, he surely did a good job in explaining why cricket is so much superior to football."


Watch the video recorded episode from the RTS website.