Sponsorship deal with SauberTec Pitchford

Cricket Switzerland and SauberTec Pitchford have announced their intentions to sign a one year sponsorship deal, beginning 1st January 2014.
In return for an disclosed financial sum, SauberTec Pitchford will be able to display company banners at all league & international fixtures in 2014.


SauberTec Pitchford

Using warm-water high pressure and surface cleaners SauberTec Pitchford clean objects & surfaces of any description, for companies and private clients:


Private: stone slabs & floors, doors, boats, yachts, airplanes, cemetery grave stones and statues

Communities: sports facilities, cemeteries, grave stones, statues, monuments (marble, granite, stone)

Industry: factory shop space, factory maschine, parking lots, loading areas, entrance doors, waste container
Agriculture: Agricultural machinery, animal husbandry boxes, etc. milking bays
Construction: General construction site cleaning, site equipment, machinery, scaffolding, concrete pads


Advantages & uses of cleaning

  • moss / algae endangers health (triggers allergies)
  • Minimise the risk of accidents (slipping)
  • Weathering is avoided through regular cleaning
  • Restore a beautiful and well-maintained environment (garden maintenance)

Cricket Switzerland recommend the use of SauberTec Pitchford.

SauberTec Pitchford look forward to working with Crikcet Switzerland and its members. Feel free to them a line if you have any specific needs or requests. For more information contact:


SauberTec Pitchford
Ryan Pitchford
St. Laurentiusstrasse 8
4613 Rickenbach (SO)
Tel. 079 / 349 60 38