Introducing La Chat CC

The La Châtaigneraie International School of Geneva have applied for affiliate status of the SCA.


Their application will be considered and is expected to be accepted at the SCA's 2014 Annual General Meeting which will take place in Berne on Saturday 1st February 2014.

In doing so La Châtaigneraie International School of Geneva follow the steps taken by the Lyceum Alpinum some twenty years ago in becoming members of the SCA. It will complete their integration into the Swiss junior cricket scene, of which they have both played a major part in in the last two years.


Following is an introduction from La Châtaigneraie International School of Geneva:

La Chat CC

La Châtaigneraie International School of Geneva

Students began playing cricket at La Chataigneraie in the September of 2012 and they now all get to experience it as part of the lower school sports curriculum. Currently we have 26 very enthusiastic students training and playing for La Chataigneraie Cricket Club (La Chat CC) within  the 11-15 age group, making cricket one of the fastest growing and hi-profile sports at the school.  The majority of players are European in background representing nations with both cricket and non-cricket playing traditions. However, there are also significant numbers from both Australasia & the Indian sub-continent.

There are currently 2 qualified (levels 2 & 1) teacher coaches (Steve Brittain & Adrian Robinson) assisted by an enthusiastic and experienced student (Floris Winkel) and several parents who are determined to share their skills, promote an interest in cricket and its values among all the players. Fundamental to our approach is a desire to provide the players with the beginnings of what we hope will be a life-long love affair with all the facets of this wonderful game, that they can nurture as they go on into higher education and then out into the adult world.

To date La Chat CC has competed at U13 level in the Swiss outdoor championships in Zuoz and at U13 & U15 levels at the Gingins indoor tournament in November  of 2013. We appreciate the warm welcome and support that we have had from all those who have encountered us in particular our friends at Collége du Léman, Gingins and Cossonay. Future participation in the Basel Dragons indoor tournament in April and a return to Zuoz are also planned for this year. We have also had 2 students represent Switzerland at U13 & U15 level. So far our performances have been patchy and we are on a steep learning curve. 
However, there is a huge desire among all the players and everyone else associated with the club to progress. Certainly in defeat there is a huge amount that can be learnt, as many coaches and players from the other clubs we have met along the way have empathised with us from their own experiences.

In applying to become an affiliated member to the SCA La Chat CC is looking to;

  • encourage and promote junior cricket in all its forms among the students and parents of the La Chataigneraie school community, within the best traditions and values of sportsmanship and fair play.
  • foster both a life-long love of cricket and its values and a sense of team spirit and comradary among the players and supporters of La Chat CC.
  • support the SCA, neighbouring clubs and other schools in their endeavours to foster junior cricket within Switzerland.

La Chat CC is really looking forward to continuing to compete, work and establish itself within Swiss junior cricket in the forth-coming years, as well as working with our colleagues in other schools to promote interest and participation in this fabulous game.

La Châtaigneraie International School of Geneva

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