Cricket on Ice tournament report

Cricket On Ice Trophy

Dresden Cricket Club won the 27th Cricket On Ice tournament (13.-16.2.2014) in difficult, at times challenging, conditions in St. Moritz.

Dresden won all thier games to finish unbeaten and top the table, Old Cholmeleians finishing second, followed by St. Moritz Cricket Club & the Lyceum Alpinum.


As in previous years there were drinks & lunches served on the ice between every match by Hotel Schweizerhof.


Off the ice at the black-tie awards banquet at the Hotel Steffani on Saturday evening, Siva (Dresden CC) was awarded the Man of the Tournament award, John Seymour & Ujwal  (Dresden CC) the golden duck awards & Andy Holton (Umpire) the champagne moment.

St. Moritz Cricket Club President, Mr. John Hallam, thanked the tournament sponsors & supporters for thier efforts in making the event possible.  Particular thanks were accorded to the lake infrastructure team, without which the tournament could not have taken place.


Congratulations to Dresden Cricket Club on winning the 27th Cricket On Ice and a sincere thank you to everyone involved, in whatever capacity, for helping organise & run this year's event.


For more information, including photos from the event, refer to the Cricket On Ice website. Photographs from the tournament will appear in the Gallery in the next few weeks.


You can also view short video clips of some of the action during the Dresden v Lyceum Alpinum match played Friday 14th February on the Cricket Switzerland YouTube channel, for instance a run out, bowled or a quick single