Basel U13 Indoor Tournament Report

Pfaffenholz, Basel - Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 April 2014

Basel Dragons produced a dominant performance to win their own U13 tournament for the first time.

In all aspects of the game, batting, bowling and fielding, they were on top of their game and were determined to put in a good performance.

However, the surprise of the tournament were the Basel Nightfuries who battled their way to the final as rank outsiders. They just showed what was possible with sensible batting and restricting extras to a minimum when bowling.

Basel U13 Indoor tournament at Pfaffenholz, Basel (12 & 13 April 2014)
Basel U13 Indoor tournament, ZCCC v BDJCC, at Pfaffenholz, Basel (12 & 13 April 2014)


Pool A

Basel Nightfuries 115 for 5 beat Zurich Crickets 108 all out
Zurich Crickets 138 all out beat Luxembourg 119 all out
Basel Nightfuries 127 for 2 beat Luxembourg 109 for 6

                     Pool A - Standings
  1.  Basel Nighfuries
  2. Zurich Crickets CC
  3. Luxembourg U13

Pool B

Basel Dragons 192 for 3 beat Gingins 46 all out
Basel Dragons 187 for 5 beat Weisbaden 83 for 6
Gingins 162 for 5 beat Weisbaden 97 all out

                     Pool B - Standings
  1.  Basel Dragons 
  2. Gingins CC
  3. Weisbaden CC


Basel Nightfuries 115 for 5 beat Gingins 113 for 5
Basel Dragons 106 for 2 beat Zurich Crickets 103 all out

5th & 6th place play-off

Luxembourg 147 for 6 beat Weisbaden 123 for 5

3rd & 4th place play-off

Zurich Crickets 132 for 5 beat Gingins 119 all out


Basel Dragons 164 for 6 beat Basel Nightfuries 38 all out

More information

Further information on all the Basel indoor tournaments that have taken place over the last 4 weeks is available from Mr. Chris Clayton.

The competition reconvenes at the end of May in Zuoz at the Swiss Outdoor Junior Championships where all the teams will be focusing on beating the Dragons.

More photos of the Basel U13 Indoor tournament available in the gallery.