Pickwicks agree to continue sponsorship

The Swiss Cricket Association and Gastrag, owners of the Mr. Pickwick Pub Chain and sponsors of the Swiss Cricket Mr. Pickwick T20 Cup, have agreed to renew the sponsorship agreement for 2014.


The new look Twenty20 regional format was reportedly a great success last year. A very good qualification round involving twelve teams from around the country makes this competition the biggest Twenty20 format contest in Switzerland. And the 2013 Pickwick T20 Cup Final, that ended in a tie between Berne & Cossonay, was one of most exciting games ever witnessed domestically.
The prize money added an extra dimension to the tournament and Swiss Cricket is hopeful that they will be able to attract further sponsorship next year.


Details of the 2014 Swiss Cricket Mr. Pickwick T20 Cup are expected to be announced in March 2014.

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