Zuoz International Cricket Festival report

On Saturday 15th June & Sunday 16th June 2013 eight teams from around Europe (Switzerland, Italy, Germany & the U.K.) competed in a festival of cricket in Zuoz, Switzerland at the 2013 Zuoz International Cricket Festival, Milan Cricket Club successfully defending their title against stern competition in the form of runners-up, Geneva XI Stars CC.

2013 Zuoz International Cricket Festival (15. & 16.6.2013)
2013 Zuoz International Cricket Festival (15. & 16.6.2013)

Twelve games were played over two days in beautiful alpine sunshine on clearly the warmest weekend of the year to date.

At times the tournament produced some great moments of cricket and the spirit of Zuoz was evident for all to witness.


The weekend also turned out to be a successful one for Swiss cricket. The three affiliated competing clubs from Geneva, Winterthur and the hosts Lyceum Alpinum finished in an admirable 2nd, 3rd & 4th place, respectively.

Final table

Pos. Team Country
1st Milan Cricket Club Italy
2nd Geneva XI Stars Cricket Club Switzerland
3rd Winterthur Cricket Club Switzerland
4th Lyceum Alpinum Switzerland
5th Carmel & District Cricket Club Wales
6th Idle (Lodi) Cricket Club Italy
7th Munich Cricket Club Germany
8th Basel Cricket Club Switzerland


Round One

Game Pitch Game/result  
1 (1st round) 1

Lyceum Alpinum beat Basel CC

Officials: C.Denney & P.de Boeck


2 2 Milan CC 220-8 beat Carmel & District CC 156-9 by 64 runs  

Officials: A.Mackay & R.Eames

3 3

Geneva XI Stars 234 beat Munich CC 160 by 74 runs

Officials: P.Cawsey



4 4

Winterthur beat Idle (Lodi) CC

Officials: I.Bond



Round Two

Game Pitch Game/result  
5 (2nd round) 1

Milan CC 120ao beat Lyceum Alpinum 65ao by 56 runs         

Officials: A.Mackay & I.Bond


6 2

Geneva XI Stars CC 211 beat Winterthur CC 93 by 118 runs

Officials: P.Cawsey & P.de Boeck



7 3

Basel CC lost to Carmel & District CC

Officials: R.Eames


8 4

Idle (Lodi) CC beat Munich CC

Officials: C.Denney



Round Three

Game Pitch Game/result  
9 (The Final)   1

Milan CC 194-9 beat Geneva XI Stars CC 185-9 by 9 runs

Officials: P.Cawsey & R.Eames



10 (3rd/4th) 2

Lyceum Alpinum CC lost to Winterthur CC                                 

Officials: I.Bond & C.Denney


11 (5th/6th) 3

Idle (Lodi) CC lost to Carmel & District

Officials: P.de Boeck


12 (7th/8th) 4

Munich CC 197-6 beat Basel CC 144 by 53 runs

Officials: A.Mackay



Congratulations to Milan Cricket Club and a big thanks to Tom Butt & his team for a wonderful weekend.

More information about the 2013 Zuoz Cricket Festival is available on the Swiss Cricket website.

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