What makes a good scorer?

Mira Koshy discusses the benefits of having a good scorer

Cricket scoring in Switzerland
Cricket scoring in Switzerland

For some years I've spent many of my summer Sundays on a cricket field. I have experienced a lot and in my experience having a good scoring partner greatly simplifies my life as a scorer. But what makes a good scorer?


First and foremost, the enjoyment of the game, interest in the sport, but above all, patience and the ability to concentrate. One must be willing to fully engage in this challenging task  - and it becomes easier with time. A good understanding of mathematics and statistics certainly don't hurt (otherwise a calculator is an advantage;-))

When I started scoring I didn't have much of an idea what lie ahead. But I soon realised how it all comes together, statistics are compared, which go far beyond the "who has made the most runs or wickets." It is far more interesting if you can read from the scorebook how many balls you faced to score the runs. How many wides a bowler gave away, how many wickets they have taken, what conclusions can be made? A well-run scorebook can allow an analysis of each player and give valuable insights for training years later. Is a bowler as effective in a second spell as in the first, which batsman should bat in which order?


Material Scorebook or scoresheet & clipboard
  Pencil, eraser
  Calculator, time-piece
Information Player list / batting line-up
  Team batting first
  No. of overs /max. per bowler

Scoring signals

Internationally recognised scoring symbols
Internationally recognised scoring symbols

A well-run score book is a record of all matches for a team. Everyone should be able to read and understand it. Therefore, it is important that internationally recognised symbols are used and that certain standards are met.

Only then can we advance cricket in Switzerland.


This was agreed by the SCA.

From next season each club must have a scorer. On Saturday 31st August a basic instruction in the craft of scoring will be held in Berne.

The goal is to make all symbols known, delve into the routine of the scorer and show a few tricks and best practices that can make your life easier as a scorer.

Further information on the Scoring Basics in Berne on Saturday 31st August is available from Mira Koshy.

Umpire signals

Umpire signals