Swiss Cricket launch YouTube channel

In a continuation of the SCA's stragey to use social media as a means of promoting cricket in Switzerland, the Swiss Cricket Association have launched a YouTube channel.


The Swiss Cricket Association (SCA) embraces YouTube as a means to connect with people who have a liking for the sport in this tiny Alpine region. Cricket in Switzerland is more than just a professional game. It is someone’s hobby, a passion, a pastime activity, a connection to one’s country of origin, and to some it is addiction.

The digital age is still evolving, and it is only apt that we use YouTube to expand our digital media presence to promote cricket in Switzerland.

With the launch of YouTube channel (SwissCricket), we at the Swiss Cricket Association aim to bring the aforementioned ingredients to our viewers, sponsors, supporters and valuable contributors to this game we all love. With this channel, we intend to create a community where videos related to Swiss cricket have a common platform which then can be shared to all our viewers. At the same time through quality video content, we will be reintroducing cricket in a different form and thereby increase awareness to the locals and to those who are new to this game.

If you happen to have past videos in digital format for any of these: Cricket-on-Ice, Senior League, Pickwick T20 League, David Barmes Memorial Trophy, Senior Tournaments, International fixtures, Junior and Youth Cricket, Women’s and girls’ cricket and the several workshops which SCA conducts or any other events related to Swiss cricket, do contact us so that we can feature the videos with rightfully mentioning your contribution.