President's report

by Alexander Mackay, SCA President

The GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY
Swiss cricket: The GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY

In the short time I have been President the Executive and the Swiss Cricket Association have accomplished numerous good things, mostly in a good spirit but to be frank, at times in what can only be described as tedious circumstances. Thankfully the handful of individuals who sometimes made things as difficult as possible are nowadays excluded from the Association.

I don't want to detract from the many positives, but before I come to the good, let us first talk about the bad, and the ugly!


It is with regret that I must report that despite a concerted effort by the Executive to resolve the differences with the SCV, the situation is still a long way from being decided. I have just finished translating a letter from our solicitor, who I asked to state the situation in no uncertain terms, to help us take the right decision for Swiss cricket in order to bring this sad story to a close in 2013.
We need to close this embarrassing & destructive chapter of Swiss cricket in order to regain ICC membership, to participate fully in international tournaments and gain the additional resources available to an ICC Affiliate member, but most importantly run the necessary courses for the development of cricket (noteworthy here is the fact that without that support we still managed to run two coaching courses and one umpiring and scoring course).


Which leads me to the good and the real business, cricket.


It has been my life's philosophy, and has always been my objective as President of the SCA, to lead by example, to do things right, to be fair and constructive, and in doing so encourage, promote and reward the efforts & skills of others. I believe we are starting to evolve a positive culture in Swiss cricket, a "can do" attitude, and one that can go on to achieve great things for cricket.

We have restructured the way we are organised by encouraging the formation of sub-committees in order to better organise ourselves and to ensure we have the right skills in the right place at the right time.
Additionally we have been working to ensure we have the building blocks in place and have short-listed and prioritised the things we want to build on those blocks.

An integral part of cricket is international matches and importantly our domestic competitions. We played a record breaking five international matches (in Holland & in Spain) and again successfully staged a knockout competition, in the form of the Swiss Mr. Pickwick T20 Cup, & a national 40 over format League competition. There were 107 cricket matches played in Switzerland in the summer of 2012, and this excludes our sister organisation, the SwissT20, who again ran a very successful T20 tournament.
Under the right circumstances the SCA will collaborate more closely with the SwissT20 in 2013, because together the two organisations continue to evolve to achieve even greater things.


We have been communicating our efforts and achievements to the world and to our peers (these include prospective sponsors, our supporters, the UK and Indian embassies, and the ICC & Swiss Olympic Committee), via our website, eNewsletter and social media (particularly Facebook & Twitter), and also via targeted emails and the occasional telephone conversation. The SCA Executive now have business cards that can be distributed to contacts, the association have plastic banners that at on display at events and very soon we will unveil the first-ever SCA Yearbook.

We teamed up with Coop and demonstrated cricket in Berne, Zurich and Lausanne, involved the British Residents' Association for the first time, by staging a Jubilee Cricket Match, and were given the opportunities to demonstrate cricket in Winterthur to the Freieschule and Kantonschule Wil/SG, Olten and St. Gallen University.

My personal tribute to the efforts of individuals includes Karl Walter and John Hallam of Winterthur; Nitesh Gandhi & Pradeep Vijayadas; the team at Berne, in particular Abraham Koshy and Tissa de Zoya; the team at Cossonay led by David Milne; Patrick Henderson, John Millar and Brijesh Luthra, Scott Poynton and everyone at the CCAS, Mira Koshy & Paul Cawsey (not forgetting the continuing efforts of the rest of the team at swissFocus), Saleem Awan & Asvin Lakkaraju.  I also add a special note of thanks to Ken McKeown for his support & guidance in 2012, and finally I would like to those that have supported Swiss Cricket in the last twelve months through financial contributions: Pickwicks; Specogna; Restaurant Egghölzli; Hotel Walhalla; Discount Sports.  


In 2013 we intend to continue to play cricket, demonstrate cricket, talk cricket, some of us to officiate cricket or coach cricket, but all of us to concentrate our efforts and our resources on the field and not in the courts.


Kind regards,

Alex Mackay
President, Swiss Cricket Association

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly