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The Swiss Cricket Association is currently assessing the advantages of using the website, an ECB sponsored solution for clubs in Europe.

play-cricket offers clubs a free website to share news & statistics (including fixtures & results) with members of the community, share in information and even create a club web shop.


It also allows associations to manage teams, player registration, competition results, tables & standings.

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Advantages of using play cricket website

  • Generate a professional scorecard for every game which can be posted on your club website or on social networks
  • Generates complete player statistics similar to cricinfo website
  • A player can analyze his cricketing performance by looking at how he got out and what is the best place for him to bat or bowl
  • From a clubs perspective the website generates a complete player profile and helps to analyse the player performances and helps in selecting in-form players
  • Once you have it on the website the records of the clubs are stored indefinitely and can be properly maintained
  • In our opinion clubs having a proper website and scorecards have attracted lot more new players and this should be the goal of all the clubs as this will only encourage cricket in Switzerland
  • From the SCA point of view, the website statistics will be used to select the players for national team
  • More streamlined player registration system
  • Points table updated automatically.


One goal of the Swiss Cricket Association is help clubs get more organised, and having match scorecards and records stored properly assists us in the goal. The Swiss National team has been using this website for the last two years and found it to be very useful.


In order to assist the SCA executive in properly assessing the functions & advantages, clubs are invited to create an account and begin to use it.

If you wish to know more about the SCA and, contact Asvin Lakkaraju