New Laws come into effect in Swiss Cricket

Swiss Federation Of Cricket Umpires & Scorers (swissFOCUS)

Changes to the Laws of Cricket, announced by the MCC, that came into effect on 1st October 2013 as part of the Laws of Cricket 2000 Code 5th Edition 2013, come into effect in Switzerland and in Swiss Cricket on 1st January 2014.
As the Lord's website reported earlier this month, "Some of the changes made in this 5th Edition are significant and materially alter the outcome from the 4th Edition, whilst others are simply aimed at creating more clarity or consistency with other Laws, rather than involving a change in policy".


A full explanation of the more significant changes, together with some reasoning for them and a guide for their interpretation and application is available from the Lord's website, along with some video material designed to assist in clarifying the Laws.
The most significant changes effecting Swiss Cricket are as follows:

  • A new No ball Law (24.6) making it a No ball if the bowler breaks the wicket during his delivery stride.  (See Law 24)
  • A batsman with a runner is now protected if he is ‘stumped’ off a No ball.  Previously, he would have been out run out.  (See Law 2.8)
  • The moment at which a batsman can be out Handled the ball has been limited to when he is playing the ball or its immediate aftermath, i.e. when defending his wicket. Consequently, only the striker can be out this way. Any subsequent handling by either batsman will be subject to Obstructing the field.  (See Laws 33 and 37)
  • Hit the ball twice – it is no longer possible to score any runs after making a lawful second strike (in defence of his wicket).  Previously, runs could be taken after a lawful second strike only after an overthrow had occurred, but this option of run scoring has been removed completely. (See Law 34)
  • Practice on the field – players are now allowed to bowl a ball to a fielder as a loosener, even if it bounces on the ground, as long as it does not waste time or is not being done to damage the ball.  (See Law 17)

If you would prefer to view the changes, an explanation for them and some examples of their practical uses, in a written PDF format, please download this document.

Adobe Acrobat Document 1.3 MB

The Lord's 2013 Law changes quiz

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If you require further information on the changes to the laws of cricket effecting Swiss Cricket or regarding officiating cricket in Switzerland contact Mr. Alexander Mackay