Membership fees

The 2013 membership & competition fees are now due and, as decided at the General Meeting on Saturday 2nd March, are as follows:

Membership Fees 
Membership category                          Fee (CHF)
Associate 250.00
Affiliate 100.00

Also due are player registration and competition fees. In order to participate in the following competitions send a confirmation email to the Competitions' Chairman and transfer the applicable fees to the SCA bank account by 31st March 2013:

                         Competition Fees  


Fee (CHF)

Player registartion fees

(up to 30 players)

Additional players 5.00

SCA league fee


Swiss Mr. Pickwick T20 Cup             



The SCA's Honorary Secretary also draws members' attention to the the following:

Bulach Court Decision

Following a request from the Council, the SCA  lawyer has provided very specific clarification regarding the interpretation of the Decision of the Bulach Court. Contrary to the personal opinions that have been expressed by several parties for their own purposes, the SCA (Bern) continues to exist and operate under its Constitution, in accordance with decisions taken by its AGM on 26 January 2013 and its EGM on 2 March 2013. 

Please read the clarification in the Appendix to the Council Minutes.

Season 2013

Thanks to your involvement and commitment, your Council has set in motion a full and exciting season of cricket for the SCA, including:

  • the SCA League, comprising 13 teams from the East and West divisions;
  • a revitalised Pickwick Cup, which will be the SCA's 20/20 format competition, open to all SCA clubs, with increased sponsorship;
  • four international matches (home and way) featuring the best players from the SCA clubs;
  • a full book of junior matches and tournaments at all age levels throughout the season;
  • training courses for umpires and scorers.

Please read the Council Minutes for more details and visit the SCA website for up-to-date information.

Notification of a Meeting not connected with the SCA (Bern)

A meeting notified on 8 March 2013 to SCA (Bern) members by a person who is not part of the SCA (Bern) is not in conformity with the SCA (Bern) Constitution and therefore has no relevance to or impact on the governance of Swiss cricket by SCA (Bern).

The notification may and should therefore be ignored.
The SCA (Bern) Executive Committee invites SCA (Bern) members instead to continue their involvement with the development of Swiss cricket via the full season of activities organised by the SCA (Bern).

Key Dates

The following dates are important:

  • 31 March 2013 - annual SCA subscriptions are due and payable
  • 31 March 2013 - close of nominations for SCA international selection
  • 1 April 2013 - the season starts

For a full list of events & activities refer to the diary section on the Swiss Cricket website.


SCA League Rules

The 2013 league rules are available on the SCA website for your reference.


The SCA Executive Committee wishes all of the SCA members another exciting and rewarding cricket season.


Best regards,

Ken McKeown

Swiss Cricket Association

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