SCA League 2013

2012 SCA Final in Cossonay (09.09.2012)
2012 SCA Final in Cossonay (09.09.2012)

At the SCA Council Meeting on Saturday 2nd March 2013 in Berne announced the format of the 2013 SCA league, the primary senior competition in Swiss Cricket, would be unchanged.

Thirteen associate member clubs will compete in a 40 over one day format competition, split geographically into western & eastern divisions.


There are some important leaue rule changes that could have a major influence on the league this year. For instance, clubs will have one opportunity to replay a match affected by rain, before the points get divided equally. And importantly, the total number of points will dictate positions in the table, and no longer the average.

Additionally, leg side wides have ben standardized and battng & bowling bonus points reduced to a maximim of 4 respectively. Also, as of 2014 every team must have a dedicated scorer or face a deduction of points.  

The complete 2013 SCA league rules are available for viewing, downloading and printing.


The 2013 league fixtures are expected to be appear on the Swiss cricket website over the next few weeks, followed closely by the umpire allocations.


Meanwhile, defending champions Geneva XI Stars kick-off the new season with the tradional David Barmes Memorial Trophy on Sunday 21st April at the Bout du Monde in Geneva.


Direct your questions regarding the SCA league to the Competition's Chairman.