ZUOZ 2013: a tribute from T20 International

by Rob Maslin of T20 International

It has been a long, cold, emotionally exhausting weekend….but if you had asked the opinions of anybody in attendance at the Zuoz 2013 Junior Cricket Festival, not one of them would have said it wasn’t worth it!

T20 International has just had its first taste of the Zuoz extravaganza, and is officially hooked for life! Cricket being played against a stunning backdrop, with enjoyment and friendship at the center of it all. Legions of young cricketers expressing themselves, creating memories they will savour for years. A few future superstars strutting their stuff, showing talent and maturity well beyond their years. What more could a cricket enthusiast wish for!!

Spirit of Cricket

2013 Junior cricket tournament in Zuoz, Switzerland
2013 Junior cricket tournament in Zuoz

Over the entire event, it was clear that all teams and their supporters had bought into the same ethos- above and over anything else, cricket must be played in the correct spirit, embracing and including every single player.

There were countless examples of this spirit in practice- for instance in the rousing reception given to the “B” teams, club mates from all age groups scheering each other between games, and the gestures made to create a meaningful contest for the inexperienced teams….to name but a few. The camaraderie between all the clubs, showed a collective desire to nurture Swiss cricket, and that this is best achieved through friendship and unity.

The cricket was fierce on the field at times, but as soon as stumps were drawn, players and parents slipped seamlessly back into friendship. Team managers were happily mingling and chatting to one another, quick to compliment each other on improvements made since last year, or to praise a great performance from their opponent.

In addition to reading some of the comments about the Zuoz Junior Tournament from a range of parents, coaches & players, on the T20 International website you can also read Rohan Jain's match report of the Gingins versus Zurich Crickets match. 

Quality Cricket

Swiss U15s in 2011
Swiss U15s in 2011

The junior scene is going from strength to strength! With Gingins and Zurich ever expanding, and Basel Dragons going places fast (up to 60+ members) in their early years, the tournaments have a core of intensely competitive, and closely matched, teams. Add to that a cluster of promising schools- mainly from the Geneva area- who perform with great heart, there is the potential for an upset to the 3 team hierarchy. Finally, the presence of the Basel “Nightfuries” and Zurich “Locusts” complete the picture- with some of the players on the fringe of greatness, or just beginning their cricket journey, getting their chance to shine also. The renowned Lyceum Alpinum School also played their part as hosts admirably, fielding a team of plucky locals. Hopefully they have been inspired to develop and improve, as they showed huge promise.


Zuoz really went out of its way to offer something for everyone!

The Champions

U11s: 1st- Zurich Cricket, 2nd- Basel Dragons
U13s: 1st- Basel Dragons, 2nd- Gingins
U15s: 1st- Zurich Crickets, 2nd- Gingins

2013 Junior Cricket Festival in Zuoz, Switzerland
2013 Junior Cricket Festival in Zuoz, Switzerland
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