Hampshire coaches return to Zurich

Zurich Crickets Cricket Club

In early February 2014 the two elite Hampshire coaches, John Cook and Chris Wheeler, will be working with Zurich Crickets CC juniors for two days.
Beforehand, an evening is planned with Zurich Crickets coaches and interested parents.

With Zurich Crickets CC and Hampshire County CC’s relationship now stretching back over a five-year period, the club’s players and coaches have enjoyed generous and whole-hearted support from Hampshire. The sessions with the players this February will focus on the individual development of the young cricketers. In order for the visiting coaches to maximise their impact, players will complete questionnaires in January about the areas they want to improve and work on. Where are their strengths, where are there weaknesses? How do they want to improve their game? What do they want to focus on? Tailor-made sessions aim to ensure that players maximise the benefit of this special weekend.

The sessions will be intensive with players working in small groups of two or three. ZCCC coaches will assist in order to profit as much as possible from the experience and expertise of John and Chris. In fact, the idea behind the Hampshire coaches’ visit centres on the fact that both ZCCC coaches and players desire to make progress.

As Hampshire’s John Cook says, “I’m an advocate of the coaches getting more development under their belts. It is the coaches who are the ones working week for week with the players, and in Switzerland coaches receive very little opportunity for further training in the course of a year.”

And the coaches agree. If we are better coaches, our players will improve, enjoy their game more, and our teams will be more successful.

Given also that there is a new coaching pathway, John and Chris will share the Friday evening with keen parents and coaches, spending time on where ECB are going with their coach education thoughts and how it could be used at the club during coaching sessions. They will run an interactive session, which also promises to have plenty of the fun element attached, too.

Further information on the Hampshire coaches visit to Zurich is available from Patrick Henderson.