Cricket event at the University of St. Gallen

Sandrine Ploog reports on the Gateway to India cricket event at St. Gallen University

On a surprisingly sunny Saturday morning of October, people from all horizons gathered on the soccer field of the University of St.Gallen. Gateway to India, with the support from the Swiss Cricket Association, set up this event to promote the Indian culture to the students and to give the opportunity to all cricket-lovers to practice this sport in St.Gallen.

By 10.30 all participants arrived. We were 14 in total, from which 7 knew how to play cricket. The other 7 people were curious students, willing to discover a new sport and meet new people. As soon as we took the material out of the bags, the experienced cricket players started to teach the beginners the basic movements so that they would get a chance to hit the ball! Afterwards a short explanation of the rules followed, but as everybody was getting impatient to play, we set the field and started the first cricket game of the day. As the game was going on, the beginners grasped the rules better, discovering the subtleties of it and getting caught by the suspense.

After 2 games we took time to enjoy a little tea-time break in order to gather our forces for the last game of the day, which would settle the ultimate winner! The event ended on enthusiastic comments concerning the possibility of repeating a Cricket Day the next week or even creating a Cricket Club at the University of St.Gallen! Who knows what will happen in the future… Yet we are happy to see that cricket sparked interest of the participants and we hope this event will take place next year as well! Thank you to all participants and to the Swiss Cricket Association, without whom this event would not have been possible.

For further information on Gateway to India refer to the Gateway to India website or email Mr. Claudio Locher.

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