Relocation of cricket pitch at Deutweg

Similar work carried out in Deutweg in 2011
Similar work carried out in Deutweg in 2011

In a meeting between the Winterthur Sportamt and the contractors charged with the relocation of the cricket pitch at Sportpark Deutweg, it was decided that the work required, originally planned to take place pre-season and subsequently rescheduled for this week, had to be postponed once again due to adverse and inclement weather conditions.


In a statement to Swiss Cricket, a spokesman for Winterthur Cricket Club said, "Unfortunately, if the rain continues then the work may have to be delayed again, perhaps take place over a weekend. Nevertheless, the contractors explained in detail what is planned and it sounds very positive indeed". 


This could have a detrimental effect on fixtures. However, with the exception of 2nd June (Pickwick Twenty20 Cup vs Power), the WCC have three away fixtures next month. Nevertheless, training will most definitely be effected.



For additional information on the relocation of the cricket pitch contact the Winterthur Cricket Club representative.