Multicultural club with a British flair

(mgm) Der Landbote - Thursday 11th July 2013

Cricket on Deutweg, Winterthur

The cricket players are among the most striking on the large green expanse. Their game, loosely associated with baseball, is almost unknown in this country, the equipment unfamiliar to Swiss eyes.
The aim, among other things, is to knock over the three sticks (stumps), so that the two bails that lie on top of them, fall to the ground, to break the wicket. But enough about the rules, suffice to say: they are at least as complicated as the offside rule in football.
In Winterthur Cricket Club, which has existed since 1982, some 22 players are active on the field, 11 are required for a team.
British, Indians, Pakistanis, Australians, Sri Lankans, South Africans and "a few Schweezer as well": We are a "multicultural club," the President, John Hallam says, in very British German.
Urs Studer is one of them, grown up in Winterthur, half Scot, half Swiss, and having lived in England. He also plays football, he comments sporting a Celtic Football Club shirt: "And for a year now, cricket."
They play against other clubs (there is a second club in Winterthur called Power) says Hallam, and in winter each year, Cricket on ice on the frozen Lake of St. Moritz. (mgm)

Read the original report in German that appeared in the Landbote on Thursday 11th July, 2013, also available on the WCC website.