Cresta Cricket at the Stadion, St. Moritz

Cresta Cricket Match
Cresta C.C. (SMTC) XI v. St. Moritz Cricket Club XI
Sunday 14th July., 10am - 5pm 
Stadion, Kulm Parc, St. Moritz

Since 1896 cricket has been played in the village of St. Moritz.  The early matches were held between the winter visitors from England and a team from Davos, and they were unusual in that they took place on the frozen lake with some of the participants wearing ice skates. For the past 25 years, this tradition of playing on the lake has been re-established at the “Cricket on Ice” Festival in February.

For the benefit of both the players and spectators, the Cresta/St.Moritz Cricket Club match is instead played in summer on the luscious grass of the old Stadion which was used for the Winter Olympic Games of 1928 and 1948.  It is the probably the only natural grass cricket pitch in Switzerland.  The ground is part of the Kulm Hotel Parc, one of the sponsors of the event.  It is a light-hearted affair, featuring at least eleven players representing the Cresta Cricket Club playing against an equivalent number of players representing St. Moritz Cricket Club.  The players will be a mixture of British, Swiss and European amateurs of varying ability. There will some coaching available for anyone wishing to learn how to play the game, and any cricketers in St. Moritz at the time can apply to play.


10am Arrive at ground to mark out pitch, playing area, select teams  



Start Play (earlier if possible)

2 hours play in the morning

1pm Lunch BBQ   



Restart Play (later if necessary)

2 hours play in the afternoon 

4pm Finish Tea and Prize-giving   (5pm latest for clearing ground)   

Dress Code

Dress code for players:  white flannel trousers, white shirts, white cricket sweaters and caps or sunhats. No spikes in the pavilion and all Boxes to be worn inside trousers.


Dress code for spectators: stylish, informal summer wear.  A retro-look as for Henley/Ascot encouraged e.g. Straw hats, blazers, Ralph Lauren.

Further details are available from Stephen Bartley or Daniel Häring.