Cricket on Ice results

on Lake St. Moritz, 14th – 16th February 2013

Cricket On Ice Trophy

Cricket On Ice 2013

From Thursday 14th to Saturday 16th February 2013, four teams consisting of players from around the globe, competed in the 26th Cricket on Ice tournament on the frozen lake in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

Teams, officials, spectators & passers-by enjoyed unbroken sunshine, albeit in temperatures averaging -9 degrees C, in the unique champagne environment of St. Moritz.

After five thrilling games over 3 days, the competition was won by Switzerland's Winterthur Cricket Club against the Cholmeleians XI (Old Boys from Highgate School in London), but although taken as seriously as one can expect when playing on a snow-covered frozen lake in the middle of winterthur at 1800m, winning comes secondary.




Thursday 14th February


Cholmeleians XI (141-4) beat Winterthur XI 137-7) by 4 runs

(out of competition)

Friday 15th February


Cholmeleians XI (112-9) beat Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz XI (98-9) by 14 runs 

St. Moritz Cricket Club XI (95-7) lost to Winterthur Cricket Club (99-5) by 5 wkts

Saturday 16th February


St. Moritz Cricket Club (141-9) beat Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz XI (107) by 34 runs

FINAL: Winterthur Cricket Club (112-4) beat Cholmeleians XI (106-4) by 6 runs

Tournament officials

Mr. Alexander Mackay (Switzerland), Mr. Clive Denney (Switzerland), Mr. Andrew Holton (Germany), Mr. Peter de Boeck (Belgium), Ms. Mira Koshy (Switzerland).

Cricket On Ice

View photos of the three days of Cricket on Ice on the SCA gallery or alternatively from the Cricket on Ice website.

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The Tournament Rules

Cricket On Ice pitch

The Cricket on Ice tournament respects the international MCC laws of cricket, except where:


  1. Four teams compete in a knock-out style tournament, with a 3rd/4th play-off on Saturday followed by the final
  2. Depending on the weather conditions and time available, 20 overs per innings are played
  3. Bowlers are limited to 4 overs
  4. Games begin at 10am and 1pm
  5. Rubber/plastic ‘Readers’ indoor balls are supplied by the tournament organisers
  6. Ball not pitching on the matting (pitch) is a no-ball
  7. A maximum of two bounces before the ball reaches the batsman are permitted (NOTE: no penalty has been defined (i.e. no-ball) so it is left to the umpire’s discretion whether a no-ball or dead ball should be called)
  8. A ball passing behind the batsman on the leg is not necessarily a wide
  9. A ball passing the batsman above the shoulder on the full at the popping crease is a no-ball
  10. There is no "Free-hit"
  11. Fielders are permitted to wear gloves & sunglasses and must wear the clothing provided by the tournament organisers
  12. There is no limit on the number of substitutes, but the officials must be made aware of all changes
  13. No more than 11 fielders are permitted at any one time
  14. Specified members of the media (photographers/TV) may be tolerated on the field during play

The level of cricket is quite high and depends a lot on fairness and the spirit of friendship between the teams.

“For when the one great scorer comes to mark against your name, he writes - not that you won or lost, but how you played the game.”

Event tickets

No ticket is required to watch Cricket on Ice and it was a pleasure to welcome many guest on the lake over the three days, where delicious food & refreshments were enjoyed, along with a chair in the sun from where they could watch the matches in the champagne climate of St. Moritz!


2013 Cricket On Ice Press release
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