Coaching plan 2014

Cricket Coaching Association of Switzerland

In a recent communiqué to all SCA affiliated clubs, the Cricket Coaching Association of Switzerland (CCAS) requested input in order to update records and assist to further develop plans for courses and venues in the spring of 2014.


"Given that contracts change and new players arrive and existing players leave, we would like each club to check that the players listed are still active members of the respective clubs", says Chris Lodge, President of the CCAS. "We want to remove any members lost to Swiss cricket and also add any new players that have arrived with a a coaching qualification and the awarding body it is from. Also, if anyone has upgraded their qualification please add this as well".

All this information will help us guage the coaching training requirements for 2014. The CCAS require information about anyone connected with a club that would like to be involved in coaching and be part of a level I course in the spring. 

In addition, we need to know who is already involved and holding a level I coaching qualification that wishes to gain a level II Swiss coaching Award.


Chris Lodge adds, "Once all the information is compiled, some individuals may be approached to help deliver courses to others. The CCAS needs to calculate the best courses to run, venues & other resources to run them in and get dates fixed for the spring".

If you require more information on the Cricket Coaching Association of Switzerland and other aspects of cricket coaching in Switzerland, contact Mr. Chris Lodge.