2013 Annual General Meeting

The Council Meeting agreed to schedule the 2013 Annual General Meeting on Saturday 26th January 2013.


Official notification, agenda and details will all follow in accordance with the Constitution. Meanwhile, clus are reminded that points for the agenda and nominations of candidature for positions on the Exexcutive must be received by the Secretary before 31st December 2012. 



Provisional agenda

Saturday 26th January, Restaurant Egghoelzli, Berne, 1.30pm

  1. Opening of the meeting
  2. Adoption of the agenda
  3. Apologies for absence
  4. Adoption of the previous minutes
  5. Approval of the annual reports of the Executive Committee members
  6. Approval of the Auditors’ reports
  7. Discharge the outgoing 2012 Executive from their obligations
  8. Proposed amendments to the Constitution
  9. Election of Officers to the Executive Committee
  10. Election of the Auditors
  11. Election of League (Competitions) Committee
  12. Approval of annual membership, League participation and player registration fees.
  13. Approval of 2013 budget
  14. Admission to Membership
  15. Update on ICC relations
  16. SCV: Decisions on Future Actions
  17. Any other business
  18. Close of Meeting


Supporting documentation for the AGM

Officers' reports:


Secretary's report

Competitions' Chairman


Internal Auditor

External auditor

International Manager

Sponsorship & Publicity officer

Development Officer


Legal reports:

Accompanying statement from SCA president

Statement from legal representative, Frau Dr. Gehrig 

Declaration of intent signed at the Bülach District Court


Constitutional changes:

Summary of proposed amendments to the constition

Proposed new fees


League rule amendments:

Summary of changes to competition rules