website & social media statistics

With 2013 almost upon us, the swisscricket website team has shared the website and social media statistics for 2012 with us.


The website had almost 20'000 visits in 2012, each visit averaging four pages, totally a whopping 73'439 hits last year.

Visitors                                              18'419
Pages 73'977
Pages/Visit 4.01


It is always interesting to know what the most visited web pages were on the website. The most popular pages visited in 2012 were the News pages, senior league and affiliates pages .

/news                                                  17'872
/seniors 5'336
/seniors/senior-league 4'788
/about 2'992
/about/clubs-affiliates 2'474
/gallery 1'425


The most commonly used phrases, or keywords, used to find the website were, unsurprisingly "swiss cricket".

swiss cricket                                              
swiss cricket association
swisscricket ch
zuoz cricket festival

Search engines

search engines

An internet search engine is designed to search structured & unstructured information on the World Wide Web and display the results in an organised way. The most commonly used search engine used to find in 2012 was Google. 

google                                           95.65%
bing 1.84%
yahoo 0.76%



A referrer is a website that contained a link to and from which a visitor found our website. The most common referrer in 2012 was Facebook.                              1'304 1'108 528


web browsers

The most common browser used to search the internet and find were Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox (for the benfit of this list, we have summed results of different versions of the same browser).

IE                                                       38%
Firefox 28%
Chrome 20%
Safari 14%


SCA eNewsletter

In just 13 months the number of recipients of the SCA's eNewsletter has increased to 152 confirmed readers, a dramatic 50% increase since February 2012.

No. of confimred recipients          152


SCa twitter

The SCA released 72 tweets since joining the Twitter community in April 2012.

# of tweets                                        72