Time warp: Winterthur Cricket Club (1982-2012)

Fred Webb (top) as bowler dressed casually and Pip Kirkpatrick (below) thirty years later.
Fred Webb (top) as bowler dressed casually and Pip Kirkpatrick (below) thirty years later.

30 years cricket fever

Thirty years ago a few Sulzer employees organised a game of cricket in Winterthur. From this came the idea to establish a cricket club. What began small is meanwhile a club with around 100 members. Wednesday 14th March is the 30th Annual General Meeting of the Winterthur Cricket Club in the Römerpark. Training is every Wednesday at Sportpark Deutweg.
Cricket is a niché sport in Switzerland. This sport is very popular in countries of the commonwealth, and in a few is the national sport. "Swiss players are an exception", says Alex Mackay, Vice-President of Winterthur and President of the Swiss Cricket Association. About 5% of members of the WCC are Swiss. Originally the club was mainly made up of English, and currently the most are from India. Alex Mackay ist convinced, "We are very multi-cultural and make an important contribution to integration". Also the equipment has changed substantially in the last 30 years, explains the Vice-President. Cricket bats have become lighter, but cost double as much. The Winterthur Cricket Club belongs to the Swiss Cricket Association. Originally there were only friendly matches, today, like in other sports, there is a league and tournaments. Last year Winterthur lost the semi-final of the Swiss league to Olten Cricket Club, just missing out on a silver medal place.
More information available: www.winterthurcc.ch

zeitsprung: cricket club winterthur (1982-2012) - Stadtanzeiger, 13 März 2012
30 Jahre Cricket-Fieber
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