Under 15 Indoor Matches at ZIS Adliswil (Zurich)

The second of three Under 15 Indoor Days took place on January 22nd at the superb ZIS hall in Adliswil (Zurich). Players from five junior clubs were involved – Cossonay CC and Basel Dragons CC (Central), Gingins CC and Geneva Region Youth CC (West) and Zurich Crickets CC (East). Forming 9-a-side teams, each team played two T20 matches. Teams were encouraged to reverse their batting orders for the second match, retire batsmen on 25, and to limit bowlers to 4 overs each. At the same time coaches were encouraged to coach during the matches. This series of matches during the winter months are designed to be competitive, fun, and a constructive build-up for all Under 15 players to the outdoor season, and the two national team tours later in the year to Denmark and Cambridgeshire.

ZCCC, Cossonay, Basel, GRYCC & Gingins U15

Despite initial rustiness after the long Christmas break, players soon settled down and runs scored off the bat began to mount against the generous extras conceded. Some great alertness in the field was displayed; not least a stunning caught & bowled by Nathan Ryan as well as athletic displays at point by Neil Wright and Simon Pearce. Outstanding throwing at the stumps to effect run-outs (in total there were twelve!), for instance by James Gaillet and Moaz Butt, despite hard and enthusiastic running by the batsmen, kept the adrenaline levels high.


The often too wayward bowling of many lent opportunities to batsman who gratefully helped themselves. As a result there were some high scores posted over the two matches for each team: Neil Wright 45*, Simon Henderson 63*, Ashwin Vinod 28*, Nathan Ryan av. 23, Nicolas Henderson av. 28, Paulina Kratky av. 26, Moaz Butt av. 33, James Gaillet av. 32, Aiden Andrews av. 44, Floris Winckel av. 25.5, Vishal Moriani av. 42.

U15 in ZIS Adliswil
U15 in ZIS Adliswil

Bowling figures look perhaps less rosy, although it must be said that indoor matches tend to be high-scoring and anyone with an economy rate below 7 can consider themselves as having done an excellent job. For that reason the following deserved to be mentioned: Ruwan Jayakody – 5.37, Ian Munro – 6.0, Nicolas Henderson – 5.0, Paulina Kratky – 6.5, Simon Henderson – 6.8, Moaz Butt – 5.0, Aiden Andrews – 6.2, Alessandro Poynton – 6.0.


Well done to all three glovemen – Oli Erdemoglu, Alistair MacDiarmid and Henry Mackie. They worked especially hard with no efforts spared to save byes and wides which always threaten to cost five precious runs.

Many thanks to all the players and accompanying coaches and parents for attending the Under 15 Day. An even bigger thanks to our two patient scorers, Philippa Mackie and Janet Palmiero, whose records help provide a wealth of information, and to the umpires John Millar, Scott Poynton, Yeti Sinh and Nick Wright who did a great job throughout the day and ensured that matches ran smoothly and we started and finished on time.


We look forward to the final Under 15 Day on February 12, which will again take place in the ZIS hall in Adliswil (Zurich). We hope all will be able to attend once more.


Zurich Crickets CC (9 players): Moaz Butt, James Boakes, James Gaillet, Dan Millar, Simon Henderson, Henry Mackie, Paulina Kratky, Timothy Langford, Alex Burnham


Cossonay CC/Basel Dragons CC(9 players): Neil Wright, Ruwan Jayakody, Ollie Erdemoglu, Nathan Ryan, Vincent Jacard, Ian Munro, Jai Sinh, Anthony Palmiero, Nicolas Henderson


Gingins CC/GRYCC (8 players): Vishal Moriani, Marishque Puvimanasinghe, Ashwin Vinod, Aidan Andrews, Alistair McDiarmid, Simon Pearce, Ale Poynton, Floris Winckel


Match 1 - 10:30-12:30: Zurich Crickets CC vs Cossonay CC/Basel Dragons CC


Zurich Crickets won by 14 runs


Cossonay/Basel Dragons: 133 for 7

(Jai Sinh 15, Neil Wright 37*, Vincent Jacard 13)

(Moaz Butt 0-8-3, James Gaillet 0-10-2, Simon Henderson 0-16-3, Dan Millar 1-16-3, Paulina Kratky 2-14-3)

Zurich Crickets: 147 for 7

(Simon Henderson 36*, James Gaillet 24*, Alex Burnham 12)

(Jai Sinh 2-35-4, Ruwan Jayakody 2-19-4, Neil Wright 1-26-3, Nathan Ryan 1-20-2, Nicolas Henderson 0-10-2)

Match 2 - 12:45-15:00: Cossonay CC/Basel Dragons CC vs Gingins CC/Geneva RY CC 


Gingins CC/GRYCC won by 48 runs


Gingins CC/GRYCC: 186 for 5

(Aiden Andrews 16, Floris Winckel 28, Vishal Moriani 18, Ashwin Vinod 25*, Marishque Puvimanasinghe 15, Alessandro Poynton 14)

(Ruwan Jayakody 1-24-4, Nathan Ryan 1-19-3)

Cossonay CC/Basel Dragons CC: 138 for 6

(Nicolas Henderson 25*, Nathan Ryan 18*)

(Vishal Moriani 1-14-3, Alessandro Poynton 1-20-4, Aiden Andrews 0-24-4, Marishque Puvimanasinghe 1-16-3)

Match 3 - 15:15-17:30: Gingins CC/Geneva Region Youth CC vs Zurich Crickets CC 


Zurich Crickets CC won in 18 overs


Gingins CC/GRYCC: 172 for 3

(Aiden Andrews 26*, Floris Winckel 23, Alessandro Poynton 19, Vishal 24*)

(James Boakes 0-11-2, Moaz Butt 0-27-4, Simon Henderson 1-32-4, Alex Burnham 2-14-2)

Zurich Crickets: 175 for 5 after 18 overs

(Moaz Butt 26*, Simon Henderson 27*, James Boakes 20, Paulina Kratky 20*)

(Aiden Andrews 1-20-3, Floris Winckel 2-26-2, Marishque Puvimanasinghe 2-48-4)

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