2012 SwissT20 tournament preview

Lloyds TSB Swiss T20 Cup 2012 will take place from 19th May to16th September 2012.

The Swiss T20 cricket association has decided to take this year's tournament to a new level by deciding that the tournament will be played in coloured clothing and with a white cricket ball (provided by the Swiss T20 cricket organisers).


Team colours will be randomly selected for each team by the Swiss T20 cricket organisation


The format of the 2012 tournament is as follows:

  • All games will be 20 over’s for each side
  • There will be in total a maximum of 8 teams
  • Teams will be divided into two groups
  • Each team will play at least 3 games among their individual group
  • Top 2 teams from each group will go in to the Semifinals
  • Winners of individual Semifinals will play Finals


SwissT20 match schedule

Match     Start  Venue 
Saturday 12 May (Opening Day)        
Match 1 Winterthur CC      v GRYCC                       11am Cossonay
Match 2 Olten CC        v Nomads CC                      2.30pm Cossonay
Sunday 13 May
Match 3 Berne CC    Power CC  11am Cossonay
Match 4 Cossonay CC    Geneva XI Stars CC  2.30pm Cossonay
Saturday 26 May
Match 5 Winterthur CC    Power CC  11am Winterthur
Match 6 Power CC    GRYCC  2.30pm Winterthur
Saturday 7 July
Match 7 Geneva XI Stars CC    Olten CC  11am Cossonay
Match 8 Olten CC    Cossonay CC  2.30pm Cossonay
Sunday 8 July
Match 9 Nomads CC    Cossonay CC  11am Cossonay
Match 10 Nomads CC    Geneva XI Stars  2.30pm Cossonay
Saturday 21 July
Match 11 Winterthur CC    Berne CC  11am Winterthur
Match 12 Berne CC    GRYCC  2.30pm Winterthur
Saturday 4 August
Match 13 Winner Group A    Runner-up Group B  11am Winterthur 
Saturday 15 September
Match 14 Winner Group B   Runner-up Group A 11am Cossonay
Match 15 Loser SF 1   Loser SF 2 2.30pm Cossonay
Sunday 16 September (Final)
Match 16 Winner SF 1    Winner SF 2  12.30pm Cossonay

For further information on the Lloyds TSB Swiss T20 Cup 2012 contact Sathya Narayanan or click here.