First Aid Cricket at Red Cross Holiday Camp

Zurich Crickets

At a holiday camp run by the Youth Red Cross, cricket was on the agenda. The camp, which ran from 23rd to 27th April for youths between 11 and 14 years of age, was located in Zurich city, at Schulhaus Feld.

Since they have guests from Youth Red Cross in Nepal this year, they thought it would be a good idea to play cricket with their young members and the Nepalese.


On Thursday 26th April, four volunteers and eight Nepalese guests were subjected to the rigours and pleasures of the great game. The introduction was to serve as the warm-up before a tournament with the Nepalese on Saturday 5th May.


Two Zurich Crickets coaches and Under 13 players Anthony and Nic put the group though its paces, first of all introducing equipment, before moving onto the straight drive, throwing techniques, the art of bowling and two fast and furious Kwik Cricket matches.


In between the matches the Under 13 players gave a short demonstration in the finer arts of batting and bowling. Some impressive pacy and accurate bowling combined with classy batting strokes around the hall earned wholehearted applause from the spectators. There was no doubt that the Red Cross youngsters were already in more of a position to appreciate what was taking place.


All in all an intense 150 minutes of cricket with a hugely constructive and enthusiastic group. It was clearly enjoyed by all. Praise too for the two young ZCCC ambassadors who played their part with maturity and composure.


Report by ZCCC