Swiss national team trip to Amsterdam

VRA cricket

As previously announced by Swiss Cricket, the Swiss national team will leave on the evening of Wednesday 18th July, new team kit and blazers in tow, for a two day cricket tour to play VRA Cricket Club of Amsterdam.


VRA Cricket club of Amsterdam has a rich history in the cricketing spheres within Holland and being located in Holland's largest city, it is also a melting pot of so many different cultures & nationalities.

VRA boasts having 6 players who are representing the current Netherlands side,including the captain of Holland Peter Borren. The games will take place in Amsterdam.

This tour will provide a fantastic opportunity for all the participants to experience high quality cricket and some excellent cricketing facilities. The home ground of the club hosted some of the world cup games in 1999 and is considered the best cricket ground in continental Europe.


A Swiss-based Indian journalist is to accompany the team on the tour and will use the experience and the opportunity for interviews to create an article about Swiss cricket.


The national side will use the top grade GM cricket ball supplied at discount by DiscountSports

  18 July     Departure
  19 July       Twenty20 match v VRA       
  20 July 40 over match v VRA

Swiss National Team vs VRA CC (Twenty20)

Starting at 6pm on Thursday 19th July the team will play in a Twenty20 match vs VRA Cricket Club, followed by a reception and dinner arranged by VRA.

Swiss National Team vs VRA CC ( 40 over one-day )

At 11am on Friday 20th July the Swiss National team will play a 40 over one day game against VRA.

The team will return to Switzerland on the same day.

Swiss Cricket Association


SCA National Sqaud 1. Raja Hafeez*, 2. Sathya Narayanan+, 3. Ovais Yousuf, 4. Nasir Mahmood, 5. Ali Saleem, 6. Afzal Sikander, 7. Sudath Jayaratne, 8. Mounir Barone, 9. Vaibhav Singh, 10. Asvin Lakkaraju, 11. Peter Swanepoel.


Match reports and photos of the tour will be available on the SCA website, meanwhile further vdetails of the tour are available from Asvin Lakkaraju.