SCA welcome two new members

At the Swiss Cricket Association (SCA) Annual General Meeting on Saturday 4th February 2012 two news clubs were accepted as members.


The SCA welcome the Basel Dragons Junior Cricket Club and Geneva International Cricket Club as two new affiliate members, increasing the membership to twenty-two clubs and associations

Geneva International Cricket Club

Geneva International Cricket Club returns to the SCA after a two-year absence.  2012 marks Geneva International's tenth year since its foundation. The team is active in the Geneva region, both in Switzerland and France. Its main aim is to promote cricket in Switzerland which it will be able to do once again in concert with the SCA.


Basel Dragons Junior Cricket Club

Basel Dragons Junior Cricket Club, formerly part of the Basel Cricket Club, realised that their future development & success was dependant on creating their own identity and charting their own course. Established in 2011, Basel Dragons Juniors is open to all juniors (male & female) aged 7 to 18 years. Current membership stands at 30+ juniors.

Basel Dragons Junior Cricket Club 2011 Annual Report
2011 Annual report BDJ Cricket Club PDF.
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