Cricket introduction for Kantonschule Wil

Introduction to cricket for Kantonschule Wil/SG (26.9.2012)
Introduction to cricket for Kantonschule Wil/SG (26.9.2012)

Students from class 2fP of Kantonschule Wil/SG took part in an introduction to Cricket on Wednesday 26th September.


Organised by members of the Winterthur Cricket Club, the students practised bowling, batting & fielding skills, as part of their special week on "Anglo-American Sports and Culture", before playing an exciting ten over match which was won by one run and with one ball to go.

Finally, students & teachers had the opportunity to ask questions relating to cricket, where it is played internationally and domestically, and learn some of the more interesting facts, strategies and comparisons to other sports. 


Photos from the introduction to Cricket for Kantonschule Wil are available in the Gallery section.