Swiss T20 International Tour

The Swiss T20 is pleased announce that two international tour dates will take place in 2012, a tour to Vienna, Austria (9-10 June) and Lancashire, UK (25-27 August).


The SwissT20 requested that each associated or affiliated S.C.A. club nominate a maximum of 3 players to be considered for selection to the national Swiss T20 team, in writing to Abraham Koshy by 17th February 2012.


The criteria for nominations is as follows:

  • The player must be either a Swiss national or should have lived in Switzerland for a minimum period of 7 years (this criterion is in line with ICC guidelines)
  • The maximum age of the nominated player shall not exceed 35 years of age
  • The nominated player, if selected, will be responsible to arrange any visas etc. if required.

Note: The Swiss T20 Cricket Association and the the Swiss Cricket Association will be able to write a recommendation letter, if required by the player, for his application, for example, to the UK embassy or to his employer.


The touring side(s) will be selected from the nominated players by the Swiss T20 committee and a major portion of the costs will be borne by the Swiss T20 association. However, players must be prepared to finance some of the trip.


Additionally, the SwissT20 has invited swissFOCUS to supply officials (scorer & umpire) to be part of the tour party. Although there is no financial incentive available to officials, this is nevertheless a great opportunity to officiate in international conditions.


Further information is available from Abraham Koshy.